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Faber-Castell Grip Trio Sharpener | TOOL239

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Grip Trio Pencil Sharpener

Isn't it annoying to always have to sharpen your pencils?  We have found this wonderful hand-held sharpener that has 3 holes,
so you can sharpen just about every size pencil you may have - from wide drawing pencils to regular graphite pencils.

Decorative artists often use color pencils and watercolor pencils along with an assortment of graphite. With using an ordinary,
run of the mill hand-held sharpener I wasn't getting the nice, sharp point that I wanted and needed. This Trio sharpener gives
me a great point every time.  And, because the shavings are held in a reservoir, if the sharpener tips over you won't have to
dust up all the shavings! (Anything that helps keep my work area tidy is a big plus in my book!!) 

The single hole in the top is for colored pencils - you get a perfectly pointed color pencil.

The bottom has two holes - larger for jumbo pencils (not really good on flat pencils).  The smaller hole is for graphite pencils.  This is the first sharpener that has put a good point on larger Conté pencils that I have found.