Amazing stencils need amazing brushes! Our line of dome brushes are perfectly designed for stenciling techniques. Properly loaded these brushes will prevent bleeding under the edges of stencils.  The natural bristles hold onto paint, so a little goes a long way - exactly what you need when creating with StudioR12 stencils!

Stencil Brushes, Tools, and Surfaces (157)

Dome Stencil Brush | Scumble | Swirl | Stipple |...


White Wonder Filbert Comb Brush | For Splatter or Spatter...


18in T-Square Ruler


12in Calibrated T-Square Ruler


Wide Palette Knife | TOOL616


Off-Set Italian Palette Knife | TOOL103


Rectangle Surface - 11" x 27"


Essentials Rectangle 12" x 20"


Essential Rectangle Wood Surface 10"x20"


Wood Ornament - Round Bulb


Essential Rectangle Wood Surface 7"x14"


Clearly Amazing Shader Flat Brush | DIY Crafting & Painting...