What’s easier than a stencil? A project set with a stencil. Take the guesswork out of your next décor project with our wide range of kits. Whether you just need the stencil and wood surface or you need all of the things, find the right project for every occasion.

Kits (143)

Stand Tall Sunflower Project Set | CMBN584


Welcome to Our Firepit Project Set | CMBN557


One Nation Under God Project Set | CMBN620


Pledge of Allegiance Project Set | CMBN556


Fall Pumpkin Project Set with Leaf Pattern by StudioR12 -...


Hello Fall Tag Sign Project Set by StudioR12 - USA...


Pumpkin Frame & Cutout Surface Set - 1/8" MDF -...


Pumpkin Frame & Square Surface Set - 1/8" MDF -...


Pumpkin Frame, Cutout & Square Surface Set - 1/8" MDF...


Reversible Fall & Halloween Tag Sign Project Set by StudioR12...


Boo Skinny Pumpkin Project Set | CMBN677


Happy Halloween Trick or Treat Deluxe Project Set | CMBN492