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          Spring time is almost here! Learn how to paint your own spring decorations using StudioR12 Stencils! In this quick tutorial, we show you how to stencil from start to finish without bleeding under!


          One day it’s freezing cold with night settling in long before bedtime. Nature’s sounds muted amid the leafless trees and frost-covered branches. Then the next day, birds chirp a good morning as the sun shines through the overcast skies, warming the winter chill and heralding in the start of spring. Whether a throw pillow for your couch or a sign for your garden, use this stencil to create a unique addition to your spring décor. The stencil features the words "Oh, Hello Spring” in a cursive font with flowers, stems, and dots as accents. Together, these details form a simple, yet versatile stencil perfect for multiple projects welcoming spring.

          How to Stencil Spring Decorations (4)

          Oh Hello Spring Script Stencil with Flowers by StudioR12 |...


          Essential Rectangle Wood Surface | 1/4" MDF | Select From...


          Dome Stencil Brush | Scumble | Swirl | Stipple |...


          Stretchy Tape | Select Width | TOOL113

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