If you're looking for a DIY gift for grandma or a momma to be, you've come to the right place. In this tutorial, Kari G. shows how to stencil a personalized growth chart. You'll learn how to use a multi part stencil from StudioR12, stencil basics and how to seal this project from start to finish so it'll last through the growing years. We've also done research for you on how to mark your milestones!

Growth Chart (26)

Dome Stencil Brush | Scumble | Swirl | Stipple |...


Stencil MultiMasker Tool | TOOL659


Stretchy Tape | Select Width | TOOL113


Poly-Brush Foam 2" Brush | BRSH264


Clic Eraser | Pentell ZE22 | TOOL620


Wide Palette Knife | TOOL616


Bienfang White Palette Paper | TOOL626


DuraClear Matte Varnish | 2 oz. - 8 oz. |...


Welcome to Our Firepit Stencil - 2 Part - by...


You are Loved Beyond Measure 3 Part Stencil by StudioR12...


Triple Threat Ghost Writer Trace Pen | Sewline Trio |...


When Life Gives You Lemons Stencil with Plaid Check by...