We love chicken stencils here at StudioR12! This project collection has all of the items we used to paint this beautiful sign. 
This tutorial originally aired on March 30, 2021. 
This video is chock full on tips and tricks! Patricia Rawlinson is teaching you how to use wax to paint a distressed background, how to embellish with a secondary stencil and how to use words and parts of other stencils on your project!

Farm Fresh Eggs Project Collection (22)

Farm Fresh Eggs Project Set | CMBN534


Dome Stencil Brush | Scumble | Swirl | Stipple |...


Fresh Egg - Farm Organic Stencil by StudioR12 | DIY...


Chicken Wire Stencil by StudioR12 | Country Background Pattern -...


Essential Round Wood Surface | 1/4" MDF | Select Your...


Primitive Arrow Wood Surface 20" | WDSF1666


Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish | MDMS109


Wide Palette Knife | TOOL616


Off-Set Palette Knife | TOOL228


Ghost Writer Mechanical Pencil | TOOL328


Triple Threat Ghost Writer Trace Pen | Sewline Trio |...


Triple Threat & Ghost Writer Refill Lead | Select Color...