Do you take pride in your delicious holiday baking? Is your homemade Christmas candy the talk of the town? Counting carbs and calories is commendable, but we think homemade Christmas treats should be the exception! If you are looking for a holiday stencil that highlights your culinary passion, this Christmas stencil by StudioR12 certainly fits the bill. Our whimsical design features an image of a rolling pin, a whisk, and the centered text: "Mrs Claus' Gingerbread Baking Company, Established 1821, Bread Cookies Cakes Pastries, Product of the North Pole". Offering a great addition to your Christmas and winter season home and office decor, this stencil makes a perfect kitchen accent during the cold winter months. It also fits nicely in the living room, family room, or Americana-style entertainment area, as well as over any doorway or mantle! No matter how you apply it, this design will provide a fun and affordable way to add winter warmth to your home decor, art projects, crafts, and gifts.

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