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          Front door hangers are so popular and on trend! But, getting those lines straight can be a pain.  All of the products used in the filming of this project are listed below, including a set of the board and stencils, so you have everything you need to make a beautiful front door hanger. 
          In this stencil tutorial, Lena shows how to make a super trendy round door hanger. She teaches how to paint a band on your wood sign so you can make it two-tone. She will also show basic stenciling techniques and how to paint embellishment flowers with a stencil.
          This video originally aired March 23, 2021.

          Choose Happy Trendy Door Hanger Project Collection (12)

          Choose Happy Deluxe Project Set | CMBN527


          Choose Happy Project Set | CMBN528


          Dome Stencil Brush | Scumble | Swirl | Stipple |...


          Choose Happy Script Stencil by StudioR12 | DIY Inspirational Home...


          Rose Bouquet Stencil by StudioR12 | DIY Rustic Flower Lover...


          1/16" Banding Stencil - 6" x 6" | STCL637


          Triple Threat Ghost Writer Trace Pen | Sewline Trio |...


          Ghost Writer Mechanical Pencil | Select Lead Color - Black...


          18 in T-Square Ruler | TOOL441


          Stretchy Tape | Select Width | TOOL113


          Palette Paper | Paint Mixing | Disposable | TOOL655


          Essential Round Wood Surface | 1/4" MDF | Select Your...

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