Our Favorite Stenciling Tools

by Kari Gibbs on August 20, 2021

We often get asked about our favorite stenciling tools. There are so many to choose from. So we have done the research for you! It's nice to have a shopping list to start from when you're trying to build your tool collection. 

Here are our Top 5 Stencil Tools:

#1 Dome Brush

The dome brush is key to stenciling! Many stencilers begin with a flat blush. A flat brush can increase bleeding under. 

 The dome shape, along with some other stencil basics, help prevent bleeding. 

 Click here to read our Q&A about dome brushes! 

#2 MultiMasker

The MultiMasker was created after we got tired of taping off all of our projects. Patty picked up an old stencil one day to do has masking and realized how beneficial it was. We put one of our designers on it and the MultiMasker was born.

The MultiMasker has several different tools to help with your stenciling. It has a straight edge with ruler markings, squares, dots, and hard and soft angles to give you all sorts of shapes to mask your projects!

Click here to watch Patty use the MultiMasker on our Jolly Porch Sign project. 

#3 T-Square

While we may like to eyeball our lines, it can help to have a tool to make sure we get those straight, crisp lines for all of our projects. Whether you are working on straight lines on a round, or measuring the center of your project, the T-Square will be your best friend. 

Click here to learn from Patty how important this tool is. (Scroll to 31:40)

#4 Clic Eraser

Let's face it - We all make mistakes. We all bleed under. But don't worry, you can fix your mistakes. One of the best tools to do that is the Clic Eraser. It is a PVC eraser. When you use it dry on your projects, nothing happens. But when you get it wet, it will erase your paint before it cures (normally 10-15 minutes). It's magic and a super-duper handy tool to have in your kit. 

We use this tool in almost all of our tutorials. Click here to watch Kari G. show some tips on fixing mistakes. 

#5 Off-Set Palette Knife

If you often mix paint, you will want the off-set palette knife! There are many palette knife options, but this is our favorite for mixing paint colors. The small slant in the knife helps keep your hand out of the paint when mixing.

There are several different palette knives to choose from. Watch this video where Patty explains which palette knife to choose. 

BONUS TOOL: Poly Foam Brush

The poly foam brush is our FAVORITE for base-coating. We have done a lot of research to find the best poly foam brush.

What makes ours stand out?

In most of the poly foam brushes we have tested, the wood handle ends at the base of the foam, and then there is a piece of plastic. 

On our poly foam brush, the wood handle goes up into the foam, then the plastic, which gives you more control. 

Click on each photo to check out the product on StudioR12.com



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