Most Asked Questions about Dome Stencil Brushes

by Kari Gibbs on August 12, 2021

We get asked brush questions ALL The Time! Brushes are critical to not bleeding under while stenciling. We compiled our Q&A for you! Let us know what other brush questions you have! 

  • What size should I use? 

The dome brush we use most often is the 5/8" dome brush, which is the largest one. It covers a lot of ground in a small amount of time. We use this brush 90% of the time.

  •  How many brushes should I have?

If you are a hobby stenciler, or a new stenciler, who only paints once a week, a 5-set of brushes is a good place to start. You will get a variety of sizes to see which one you like best for the projects you are stenciling.

If you are painting a couple of projects a week, you're going to want to up that to 20-25.

If you are painting daily, you're likely going to want 50-60 brushes. 

  •  Why do I need so many brushes?

One of the things we stress most about preventing bleeding under is that you HAVE to use a dry brush. Once you use your brush, you're going to set it in your water bucket until you can wash it out. Once you wash it out, you HAVE to let it dry before using it again. This will likely be a day. If it is still wet, it will thin the paint and increase your chance of bleeding under 

  • How do I clean my brushes?

Check out the video below!!



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