Hunting Club Stencil by StudioR12 | DIY Nature Shotgun Sight Home Decor Laurel Gift | Craft & Paint Wood Sign | Reusable Mylar Template | Select Size

  • SKU: STCL5065_4

Hunting Club Stencil with Shotgun Sight - Laurel - A stencil by the artists at StudioR12!

Actual Cut Out Size of Artwork:
STCL5065_1: 8.00" x 8.01" - (9" x 9")
STCL5065_2: 10.75" x 10.79" - (12" x 12")
STCL5065_3: 13.03" x 13.11" - (15" x 15")
STCL5065_4: 16.50" x 16.56" - (18" x 18")

Your home is where you and your buddies swap hunting stories over drinks. You want your pals to feel welcome, but you also need decor to match your rustic outdoors-man feel. Why not use this stencil to deem your space the official Hunting Club? Craft a custom wood sign or paint this design straight onto walls to add a personal touch to your living room, cabin, or man cave. The laurels and cursive script add a nice decorative touch to this design, but the shotgun and target remind your visitors that you’ve gathered to talk deer season.

Here at StudioR12, we make stencils that are sturdy and easy to clean so they may be used for as many DIY projects as you can muster. Try all your favorite color combinations as you create art with this template again and again. A selection of sizes means you can paint this design anywhere you have a blank surface. Mounting a custom wood sign next to your prize deer or rack of antlers will remind everyone who sees that your house is home to the Hunting Club.