What to Use as Your Paint Palette

by Patricia Rawlinson on June 09, 2021


In one of our recent live videos, we talked with our viewers about what to put your paint on. After hearing all the responses, we wanted to share them with you!

Like many things in the crafting industry, our tastes have changed over the years, and we loved hearing the ingenuity of our #stencilfans.

During our StudioR12 Lives, you'll see us typically painting on Beinfang Palette Paper. Palette Paper is a flat, disposable, mixable paper that is non-stick and makes it super easy to lay out your colors. Clean up is super easy - just rip off the sheet and throw it away.

But we also use paper plates. A LOT! Especially when we do workshops with a couple dozen painted. A paper plate can serve as an amazing tool. One thing we love about paper plates is the lip. Anytime we are using water to thin our paint, we love to use the paper plate so it doesn't spill everywhere.

Paper plates can cost about 10 cents per plate.

A sheet of palette paper costs about 23 cents.

Here are some ideas our #stencilfans sent to us:
Ice cream lids
Ceramic flat tray
Whipped cream lid
Palette tray
Meat trays
Smooth tile
Glass palette
Plastic lids from food containers
Wax paper

Patricia Rawlinson also recommended putting the paint right on your silicon mat.

What do you use to put your paint on?

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