We Made Wrapping Paper And It Sure Was Fun! You Should Try It!

by StudioR12 Staff on November 21, 2019
It rained all weekend causing a struggle in our house. And what a struggle it was!
If you have children you know the struggle I'm about to talk about. Lack of outdoor play had my girls
wound up and arguing about nothing and everything. So I decided to bust out a project to keep them busy.
My girls absolutely love to paint, so while getting everything out, I had a few thoughts....Christmas is coming
and we always try to do something unique. Here is where the project became a brilliant idea. I set the girls up
with some brown packing paper I had been saving and some of our Christmas stencils, such as Snowflakes, Christmas trees and Merry Christmas.
I didn't try to guide their colors, instead I just let them do their own thing.
Of course I also joined in the fun and did some stenciling.
We had created a few before my oldest caught on and said, "this would make great wrapping paper for the presents we give out!" And as kids always do she came up with a great idea to do some that are not Christmas themed, but match with the person's gift!
I've already picked out some great stencils to use for specific people. This " Gramps' Garage Open 24/7 Toys Fixed Free" stencil is perfect for Grandpa! The great thing is that there are so many styles to choose from, so if your kids call your Dad something else the option is still there. 
I can't wait for the girls' Aunt to see hers. I mean she will know her gift is wine themed,
but I bet she laughs when she sees her "Wine A Little" wrapping paper!
Honestly I had just as much fun as the girls. I love everything to do with the holidays and all the crafting potential that comes with it! This project is perfect for everyone, not just kids. Save that packing paper or if you want a cleaner, crisper look simply buy a roll of brown paper and get to creating! The possibilities are endless and you don't need to keep it Christmas themed.
We ended up with plenty of wrapping paper for our Christmas gifts. How fun is that! It became a fun filled time that I am sure they will want to repeat every year.
Products used:
Dome Brushes - BRSH263_4
Merry Christmas Truck with Wreath - STCL2575_2
Wine a little -  STCL1515_3
Gramps' Garage - STCL2370_2
Christmas Trees - STCL1498_3
Christmas Words & Snowflakes - STCL554_1