We just returned from Market.... Latest Trends... Some Surprises...

by Patricia Rawlinson on August 04, 2021
TOP 5 TRENDS from Market:
The Vintage TRUCK lives on This is the Hallmark channel and greeting card ICONIC vintage American OLD truck..... this is amazing and - you know what? I personally have not gotten sick of it... It comes in so many colors now... Teal and Red and Orange, the one we were struck by this year was BLACK... and if you think about it this color works with all the DIY and Decor trends... and it works with every season!
Buffalo Check
I have to be honest, I really didn't know I needed this in my life 5 years ago... but honestly IT WORKS!
From high end fashion to friday night lights - Farmhouse to Artsy
It is used in every color scheme in Decor! 
Not many things can do that... but this works! 
Think Holiday... Think every room in the house....Think Everyday! Make it pink or make it red... or classic black and white... 
Its everywhere and for everyone!
Dress it up or dress it down! 
is the NEW Black!
Crazy for the COLOR YELLOW
Maybe we all need some sunshine or maybe the popular GREY color is needing some contrast... Mustard is the color of the year! Even Country Living Magazine chimed in on this one! Add some pops of mustard to your projects and watch the smiles!
This is a fun trend, I think it really follows the Mustard color trend. I mean who doesn't think a sunflower looks like a floral smile! This is a happy Flower! 
The big one! They were on everything and featured everywhere... it helps that all the sayings about making lemonade out of sour things work with this and once again... they are so bright and sunshiny!
Bee's were everywhere...
and they really work with all the other players!