Unlock Creativity: The Magic of Stencil Sets

by Kari Gibbs on August 23, 2023

When you come to our website, you may be looking for something in particular: a gift idea or new seasonal designs. 

But one of our most valuable collections we have to offer is our STENCIL SETS!

These sets can range from sets with a theme, like our Bee Pattern Stencil Set.

Or they can include layers!

Or even just some combinations that we think work REALLY well together! And this makes it easy to grab a set and go and then you don't even have to think about how you're going to put them together!


These are some examples of what you'll find in our collection. Now how here are 5 reasons you'll want to grab some stencil sets:

  1. Cost Savings - Sets will sometimes save you money compared to buying each stencil individually
  2. Variety - If you're looking to build your collection, this is a great way to do it!
  3. Theme or Style Matching - Some of our sets, like the one above, come with a theme. Plaid, Zodiac, Jack-o-Lantern Faces, just to name a few.
  4. Mix and Match - We like to mix and match our designs to fill white space or add a little pizazz. We make decision making easy for you! Several of our stencil sets include a design stencil AND a pattern stencil that work well together. 
  5. Layering - Designs like roosters or roses can be intimidating because you want them to details, but doing them by hand can be tricky. Layered stencil sets take away the guesswork and show you exactly where to paint your next layer! 

Stencil sets can be game changers when you think of creative tools !