Top 5 Fall Trends from Market

by Patricia Rawlinson on July 20, 2019
Autumn Banner Stencil with Buffalo Plaid Autumn Harvest with Truck Stencil Buffalo Plaid


The top FALL color was GREY!
The grey works for FALL because you can bring it into your home and it doesn't clash with "NORMAL" everyday decor
Add a pop of orange or green and Bloom... perfection!
AND... IT is delishious and awesome!
Vintage Truck Fall Pumpkins
The little Red Truck has driven thru a paint booth and is NOW Grey, Teal and Yellow. 
The adorable little truck is gracing every season!
Our truck is our #1 Seller for the past year
Farm Fresh Pumpkins stencil for painting signs
Painted Crackled Layers & interesting backgrounds ruled!
It can be subtle or dramatic, both were thoroughly represented. 
Gather Together with Wheat Stencil for painting wood signs
#5 Farmers Market 
It's here and feels as rightfully American as possible
We are embracing our connection to the earth and food and bringing it into our homes in celebration of how good it feels.
"The shake the hand that grows your food" movement pleases the Nebraska born farm girl that lives in my heart!
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