Tick-tock DIY Clocks | StudioR12

by StudioR12 Staff on November 13, 2020


Large Wall Clocks are beautiful wall art and ... they'll keep you fashionably on time! Over-sized clocks have always tugged at my heartstrings, the gentle reminder of time to enjoy and the anticipation of events to come is timeless... (hehe...see what I did there)

Finding the exact timepiece to grace the vaulted living room or the perfect square clock to finish a collage wall can be tricky. Then it happens! You find just the right style but boy oh boy that price tag takes your breath away! When that happens we find ourselves thinking, I can make that!

Clocks sound tricky though…am I right? I mean how do you even get everything to line up just right? Well I’m here to tell you it can be done AND for less time and effort than you would think! How you ask?

Stencils! Our stencils will take tricky out of the equation! I've painted clocks without stencils and the results have been marginal and left me feeling like a crazed mathematician with an impossible formula. Every space has to be measured exactly right to get the time part to work and for the balance to look good. If you have ever attempted to paint curved bands on a round surface the pain is almost not worth the attempt!

We have just the stencils needed to get the measurements and the bands just right. Stencils are reusable, which means you can lift them up to peek at the painting and lay them back over to strengthen part of the pattern or paint a dozen for sale or gifts!


You can also use stencils with texture pastes, which will give the look of raised letters. Blog post coming soon on texture pastes!