Three Ways to Secure Your Stencil When Painting on Fabric

by Kari Gibbs on August 23, 2023
Have you used your stencils to paint on fabric? When you think of stencils, you may think of a wood sign. But today we want to give you some tips, and help you step outside the crafter's box, so you can paint on fabric! 
Fabric isn't as forgiving as wood. We have lots of ways to fix mistakes when you're painting on wood. But when it comes to fabric, you have to be a little more careful. 
And one way to do that is to be sure you secure your stencil. 
There are three ways to do that.
1. With tape! This is the least secure way, but it involves something you may already have at your craft table. 

2. With crafter's tape! This item looks like a white out tape, but is sticky and can be used to make the back of your stencil sticky so it is more secure to your fabric. 

3. With a repositionable glue. This is a liquid version of the tape and can be used for the back of your stencil, foils, leafs and glitter. We've done A LOT of research on this and have all the deets below! 👇🏻