Snail Mail....Thing Of The Past Or Just Right?

by StudioR12 Staff on November 29, 2019
Snail mail doesn't get sent out as much anymore. Who has time..... it's the digital age, am I right?
But for just a moment stop and think back to the last time you received a card or postcard in the loved it didn't you!?
A simple note to let someone know "I'm thinking about you" is quick, easy and sure to make that person's day!
But what if we went a step further with our crafty selves and added a personal touch.
We used three simple stencils to create all these fun postcards to send out! When I say "we" I mean the whole design team got in on this fun activity. Little do they know that I have some big plans for these postcards that are sure to put some smiles on their faces!
Our goal was to show all the different ways three stencils could be used and I have to say our team did just that!
There were a ton of laughs throughout the group, as we all just created our postcards
and had a good time. So many tips and tricks were shared throughout the process.
Some of the team have been using stencils for a bit and others like myself are newbies.
I've added those tips and tricks below to help you as well.
I plan to write a special message on each of these cards and see about sending them out to our local
Children's Hospital. I'm sure these cards will bring smiles to some faces!
Tips and Tricks
  • After dipping the brush in the paint swirl it on a napkin (this gives you more control than blotting would)
  • Less is more when it comes to the amount of paint on the brush
  • Easily use thin painters tape to keep from painting areas you may want another color
  • Just have fun and know that you will be brightening up someones day when they receive their "snail mail"
Painting the World Beautiful doesn't always need to mean something big it can be as small and simple as a homemade postcard that has made not only your day but the day of the receiver as well.
What we used:
Looking for more tips and trick? Let us know!
You can also checkout some of the "How to" videos we have on our YouTube channel.
Happy Holidays and  Happy Creating!
From the Design Team at StudioR12