Our Favorite Ways to Use Welcome Stencils

by Kari Gibbs on August 27, 2021
Today we want to show you some of our favorite Welcome designs and how you can use them around your home! 
First we will start on your porch!
Welcome signs are a great way to decorate your porch for all seasons! We have Welcome porch signs for Christmas, Halloween and even patriotic. 
Our stencils are reusable.
One way you can use a Welcome porch sign over and over is to start by finding a Welcome porch in a font that you love.
Then, find seasonal embellishments and background stencils for the seasons and holidays you are wishing to paint for.
Use the Welcome porch font, add your embellishment stencils and voila! You have a Welcome porch sign that you love! 
And Pssssttt - we always recommend painting tall porch signs on the front and back - especially with the prices of wood these days! 🙃
What if you don't have a porch area to decorate? You can use stencils to paint a Welcome mat! We have all the tips you need in the video below! 
Welcoming New Beginnings
Whether there is a wedding being planned, a baby being born, or a new house being built or bought, a Welcome sign can be a perfect addition. Make a personalized welcome sign for a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a housewarming party. 
You can order a personalized stencil and paint a Welcome project yourself. Or, you can make your own kit. Grab a stencil, surface and tools from StudioR12 and give a gift of stenciling.
Welcome with ALL of the Embellishments
There are soooo many ways to use stencils and StudioR12 products. 
Cutout words, small stencils and word stencils can be amazing embellishments. All three of the designs above can be used along with a wreath or a basket. Check out these examples we have made! 
How do you use welcome signs?