Is Farmhouse Decor Still in Style?

by Kari Gibbs on February 07, 2022
In a recent Facebook Live Q&A, we talked about popular color schemes that we saw while we were at Market in Atlanta. 
While the neutrals don't seem to be going anywhere, a couple of new colors have been added to the mix. We saw A LOT of navy blue. And some green! 
While we were discussing this, we got a really great question asking if Farmhouse decor was still popular. 
Answer: YES! 
But, it is changing! 
We didn't see as many primitive, country, and rustic designs as we have in the past, but Farmhouse is definitely still a popular decor design. This year the Farmhouse decor trended more toward simple, traditional colors. There were still several black and white Farmhouse designs, but gray and navy were also very prevalent. 
And just with everything else we saw at Market, Tea Towel Stripes were everywhere with Farmhouse decor. 
The great thing about the tea towel stripes is that you can do so many different things with it. Add them to the top, bottom or left/right of your design. Break up the design with a tea towel stripe in your project. Or even paint a tea towel stripe down the center and then stencil over it!
Here is a Q&A with Patty and Kari G. talking about the popularity in tea towel stripes and how they can be used with farmhouse designs.