How To Use Our Favorite Brushes

by Kari Gibbs on September 20, 2021

Do you get overwhelmed when you look at all of the brushes that you can buy for your painting projects?

We feel ya!

When you see the brushes on StudioR12, please know they were selected with care. Patty has done extensive research of the past 30 years, and there isn't a brush on our website that she doesn't love! If it is there, it has been fully vetted to get Patty approval. 

Some of our brushes are on sale this weekend and we want to make sure you know how to use them! 

Poly Foam Brush by StudioR12

Poly Foam Brush
Good For: Basecoating backgrounds, staining, glazing, washes and antiquing stenciled boards. 
This is our favorite brush for basing our projects, whether you are wanting a sleek white background or a chunky rustic one. 
But trust us when we say poly foam brushes aren't all made equal. We actually didn't use poly foam brushes for a very long time because we couldn't find one we loved..... until we did! 
The reason we love our poly foam brushes so much is because in most poly foam brushes, the wood handle ends at the base of the foam and there is just plastic in the foam. Not ours! On our poly foam brush, the wood handle goes halfway up into the foam, then there is a piece of plastic. This allows for more control while basing.
Watch this tutorial to see how Patty uses the Poly Foam brush to paint faux planks on this project. 
Oval Glaze Brush by StudioR12
Patty's Flower Filbert/Oval Glaze Brush
Good For: Blending and creating soft rounded edges like flower petals
This is an excellent brush for slip slapping
Clearly Amazing Angular Brush by StudioR12
Clearly Amazing Angular Brush
Good For: Curved strokes and filling corners
You can reach small areas with the tip of this brush
Gives you great control when creating an ombre effect
Watch this video to see how Patty used this brush to paint ombre with stencils! 
Workhorse Flat Brush by StudioR12
Workhorse Flat Brush
Good For: Bold strokes, finest floats, straight edges
Scroll ahead to 42:18 to see how we used a Workhorse Flat Brush to paint a banner on your project. 
Mighty Fine Liner Brush
Mighty Fine Liner
Good For: Sketching, outlining, detailed work and fine lining
Scroll ahead to 1:05:28 to see how to make lines on your projects by using a liner brush.