Adding Texture and Pattern with Stencils | StudioR12 | Maria Hampton

by Patricia Rawlinson on September 10, 2019

Maria Hampton has used StudioR12 stencils for creating amazing Mixed Media art for years! She has shared some of her process.

Mixed Media in art can use multiple mediums & styles.

It is EXPRESSIVE and there are no rules. (I love it when there are no rules!) It is play and discovery, surprise and delight!

Stencils are an amazing way to add touches of pattern and texture. 

1. Adding Texture: 

To add texture use a pallet knife, credit card or an old room key, to scrape a texture medium across the holes. (Tape to mask unwanted areas) 

Remove the stencil by lifting straight up. 

If you want to add glitter or other embellishments apply or sprinkle while wet. 

Allow to dry before moving on. 

Dry brushing over added texture once dried is a brilliant way to get amazing looks.

2. Adding Pattern:

To add pattern use a pattern stencil and paint, spray, mist or add texture paste. 

You can use the pattern for backgrounds, fill for clothing or other artistic objects. 

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Happy Painting! 


Stencils used: 

STCL2738 Stacked Stone Stencil

STCL2741 Twisted Thread Stencil

STCL2748 Deco Scale Stencil

STCL2764 Bubbles Stencil 

STCL110 Snowflake Frenzy Stencil