5 Projects to Paint for your Porch

by Patricia Rawlinson on February 28, 2023
Hello Sunshine Porch Stencil by StudioR12 Stencils

We are in "Fake Spring" here in Southeast Ohio. You know, that time in February when you can sit on your porch one day then it snows the next?! We've all been talking about our gardens and how we are going to decorate our porch for the spring and summer season. We have several ideas for you! 

1. Tall Porch Stencils

When you think of porch, you may think of our Tall Porch Signs! You aren't alone! These 4ft, 5ft and 6ft designs are our BEST SELLING stencils! Not only are they great for your own porch, but these are also Best Sellers at vendor and craft shows all year long! 

 You can grab dimensional lumber at your local or big box hardware store. We get #2 pine. And we use 1" thick, 12" wide (although this can range from 11"-12") and then 4ft, 5ft or 6ft tall.

 We have SEVERAL tutorials for painting Tall Porch Signs over on our YouTube channel! Click here to watch the playlist. 

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2. Doormat Stencils

Doormats are great little additions to add to your porch! And just like with any other piece of decor, it can be hard to find one that you love. The design. The saying. The colors. That's why we made a collection of doormat stencils: so you could make your own. 

 We like to use the Trampa coir doormat from Ikea. 

You know us, we like to make SEVERAL sizes for our designs. You can use some of the smaller sizes to paint wood signs to hang on your front door or porch. Or you can use the BIGGEST designs (29-30 inches wide) to paint on doormats! 

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StudioR12 Doormat Stencil Designs

If you're painting on a doormat, there are some tips you'll want to keep in mind. Check out those tips while watching our Doormat Playlist
3. Stacked Signs for your Front Door
3D Stacked Signs by StudioR12 Stencils

Stacked signs are an AMAZING new trend! Round door hangers came on the scene within the last couple of years and as the designs evolved, layers came into play and now stacked signs are all the rage. 

These are quick and easy projects that you'll want to have jumbo daubers and ink sweepers for. 

Make sure you check out our YouTube playlist on these for tips on painting, gluing and varnishing!

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4. Personalized Address Stencils

We love personalized stencils for your home, including address stencils. These make great gifts for new homeowners and can also help spruce up your curb appeal. 

 As with all outdoor signs, you'll want to varnish these with a matte polyurethane to protect them from the elements.

Personalized Address Stencils by StudioR12 Stencils

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5. Porch Themed Stencils
We know that every porch is different. Maybe you don't have room for a really tall sign. Or maybe your door is too low to the ground to put a mat out front. That's why we also have several welcoming porch designs in several sizes that you could hang on your door, or siding, by a screw in the brick, or even just stack by your furniture. 

Porch Stencils by STudioR12