4 Ways to Paint Snow

by Kari Gibbs on February 11, 2022

During the cold winter months, we're adding snow to all of our projects. There are several ways you can do this. 

1. Spatter
One of our favorite ways to add snow to a project is with spattering. We have an amazing brush for this. It's called the White Wonder and here's a video showing you how to use it to make your projects look like they're in a snowglobe.

2. Sponge
Dancing across your surface with a Sea Sponge is an incredible way to add a snowy look to your project! 

3. Duster Stippler Brush
If you're looking for a more all over snow effect, like we did in this snowman leaner tutorial, a Duster Stippler is the way to go. The Duster Stippler is similar to a dome brush, but has longer bristles. A large size Duster Stippler can add snow to your project in no time.

4. Stencils! 
We have several snowflake stencils to use on your projects. Here's a tutorial showing how Patty uses different snowflake stencils on a winter mitten project.