10 Ways to Use Tile Stencils in Your Home

by Kari Gibbs on September 09, 2021
We were watching HGTV over the weekend and were amazed how the designers were using tile stencils around homes! 
The options are ENDLESS when it comes to painting with tile stencils. 
Here are some ideas:
  •  Stencil your bathroom floor

Tile Stencils by StudioR12

  • Stencil your front or back porch
  • Stencil your backsplash
  • Stencil your laundry room

Tile Stencils by StudioR12

  • Stencil your walls
  • Stencil your furniture
  • Stencil your bar (this is what we saw on the show)
  • Stencil the back panel of your book case
  • Stencil a fireplace
  • Stencil a table runner
And we are sure there are more creative ways you could use our tile stencils! 
Here are some tips on painting with a tile stencil! 
How To Use Tile Stencils by StudioR12
We recently did a tutorial on how to paint with tile stencils on small scale projects to hang around your home. Patty will show you four different ways to use our tile stencils. Adding a pop of tile can change the entire vibe of a room!