10 Personalized Gift Ideas

by Kari Gibbs on December 08, 2022
Personalized Gifts
Holiday shopping can be tough. There's always someone on your list who is hard to buy for. Maybe they have everything. Maybe they won't give you any ideas. Maybe you just can't think of anything.
Gift giving can be hard, but it doesn't have be. Studies show that people are more than 50% more likely to keep a personalized gift longer than a store bought gift. Good thing for you, we have more than 150 personalized stencil designs on our website. 
And today, we're going to share 10 Personalized Gift Ideas for you! Click on the photos to check out the listings for the products! 
1. What to make for the hard-to-buy for guy in your life: 
Personalized signs for the workshop, garage, or mancave. Some of these designs even come in kits, so you can get everything you need! 
Personalized Garage Sign
Saw Blade Project Set
2. What to make for the baby of the family
Personalized growth charts are great gifts for the little ones in your life. They can also make great gifts for new moms or grandmas. When you paint a growth chart on a pine surface, you don't have to worry about leaving it behind if you ever move. We all know someone who has made a family growth chart on a door or cabinet and then when they moved, they had to leave it behind. All those years and  memories you can now keep forever!
Personalized Growth Chart
Personalized Growth Chart Stencil
3. What to make for Grandma
We have so many options for the leading ladies in our families - but here are a couple of our favorites. 
Blessed Grandma Stencil
Personalized Grandma Stencil
4. What to make for sports lovers
If you have a teen in your life who plays sports, or a family member who eats, breaths and sleeps their favorite team or athlete, we've got some great options. 
Personalized Baseball or Softball Stencil
Personalized Jersey Stencil
Personalized Megaphone Stencil
5. What to make for newlyweds
We have several designs with established dates that would be perfect gifts for newlyweds. 
We Decided on Forever Personalized Stencil
6. What to make for someone celebrating a milestone anniversary
And don't forget those celebrating big anniversaries this year, or this upcoming year. Several of the personalized stencils could be used for weddings or anniversaries. 
Personalized Anniversary Gift
7. What to make for new homeowners
What a better way to help the new homeowners in your family feel at home than to give them a personalized sign with their address or name on it? 
Personalized Gift for New Homeowner
8. What to make for the whole family
Do you have a big family like Patty? Patty has FIVE sons. That's a whole lot of Rawlinsons. Grab a stencil with a family name on it and paint it for all of your family members, choosing colors and embellishments to match their style and decor.
Personalized Family Name Sign
9. Think outside the wood box
You don't have to give a gift on a round, square or rectangle piece of wood. You don't have to paint on wood at all! Maybe instead, paint a set of personalized coasters, or a front door mat. 
Personalized Coaster Set
Personalized Door Mat Stencil
10. Give two gifts in one!
Our porch stencils are some of our most popular designs. Grab a personalized porch stencil and paint one side for every day, then grab a seasonal or holiday design to paint on the back. 
Personalized Porch Stencil
Bonus: What to get for the #stencilfan in your life?
Along with our personalized stencils, we've added tumblers to our website! Choose your color, size, and design!
Tumbler Design
We have more than 150 personalized stencil designs. CLICK HERE to check them out!
We also have more than a dozen videos with ideas on painting personalized signs. CLICK HERE to watch the playlist!