Tips for Stenciling a Front Doormat

by Kari Gibbs on July 01, 2022

The beauty of stenciling is that you can create any design you want, with any color scheme, to match your decor and taste. 

That includes painting on doormats! It can be hard to find a doormat that you love. So, why not paint your own?  

Q. Where can you find blank doormats? 
A. We use the Trampa doormat from Ikea. You can also find them online and in some craft stores. 

Q. Do I need to use adhesive on the back of my stencil?
A. You can! We like to hold our stencil down with our hand in the area where we are painting. We also tape through parts of the stencil in the areas we aren't painting. 

Q. Do I stipple or swirl?
A. We always stipple on a doormat so we can cover more area quicker, with more paint. 

Q. How many coats of paint will I need? 
A. We like to use two coats of paint on a doormat. You can always add more if you want more pop. 

Q. What type of paint do you use on a doormat?
A. We use acrylic paint. 

Q. Will the paint come off on the bottom of your shoes? 
A. We have not had any issues with this, in our experience. 

Q. How do I seal the doormat after I paint it?
A. We recommend a spray spar urethane. 

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