Paint a Vintage Truck for All Seasons

by Kari Gibbs on March 28, 2024


Nothing says Farmhouse as much as the Vintage Red Truck design! This staple decor comes back year after year, and what started as a Christmas Red Truck has now transformed into a decor piece for all seasons. 

Here's a quick tutorial for you showing basic tips on painting a traditional red truck.

We filmed this tutorial before we made our MultiMasker. You will definitely need some masking on vintage truck projects. You can most certainly use tape, but a MultiMasker may make painting this project a little less tedious.

We have also designed and painted trucks for several seasons and holidays, including Easter

As well as Valentine's Day

And Spring

And our most recent truck: Our Fall Truck that came in our September 2023 Project of the Month 

Shop our Truck Stencils HERE!

We have also made a Pinterest board with a mix of our designs and other design inspiration. CLICK HERE to check it out.



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