Make a DIY Cookbook or Tablet Stand

by Kari Gibbs on August 19, 2022

If you regularly use a cookbook or tablet to work your magic in the kitchen, you likely know the struggle of finding the best place and position to set your phone, tablet or cookbook! That’s why the these cookbook stands are NECESSITIES for your kitchen. Using a dedicated cookbook stand not only gives you a better angle for reading but can protect the pages or tablet front he spills and messes that are bound to happen on your counter.

StudioR12’s Cookbook/Tablet Stands were made to be the perfect size for a cookbook and/or tablet. The stands measure 8" tall and 13" across. Keep that in mind while shopping for stencil designs for these projects.

Take a look at these cookbooks stand ideas to help you add style and function to your kitchen!

Cookbook stands, however, aren’t just useful for kitchen situations. Here are 5 additional uses for StudioR12’s Cookbook/Tablet Stands:

  1. In the Bathroom - We all love to take a relaxing bubble bath from time to time… how nifty would it be to use this stand to hold your book or tablet while soaking!

  2. During your Workout - Using a book to help guide your workouts? Or did you find a routine online you’d like to follow? Use a stand to keep the book or tablet in place while you get your sweat on!

  3. For Studying - Our cookbook stand can be used as a study tool! Doing homework and don’t have much room on your desk? Place your giant textbook onto a stand, have a better reading angle and free up space for taking notes!

  4. For the man in your life - If your husband or dad are always in the garage into something… decorate this stand manly for them! Can be used to hold a tablet to follow a YouTube Video project, a manual or blueprint sheets!

  5. For Kids - We all have to admit we tend to tense up when we see a 5-year-old running around barely clenching onto your tablet or phone… these stands can solve the future catastrophe of a shattered screen! Put your child’s tablet on this stand and prevent them from accidently dropping it.

We have a video on our DIY Phone and Tablet Stands! Check it out below! 

Check out our entire collection for Cookbook. Tablet and Phone Stands HERE!



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