How to Use the StudioR12 Paint Color Guide

by Kari Gibbs on July 06, 2022

We get asked almost EVERY day to share what brand of paint we use and what specific paint colors we are using on our projects. To help answer those questions, we made a StudioR12 Paint Color Guide! This is going to be a game changer for those who are wanting specific colors for their projects. 

This guide references nearly 80 colors that we use in our studio! 

 Here's how to use the guide:

The number on the honey bottle lid is the StudioR12 paint number. We will be using this number in our future videos to let you know what color we are painting with on our projects. 

The code listed at the bottom of the bottle is the Color Value. 

DA gives you the DecoArt color that corresponds with the colors we are using.

SW gives you the Sherwin Williams color. THIS is the paint and color we are using. Yep, we are using acrylic house paint from Sherwin Williams. We buy it in bulk and pour it in our honey bottles. If you have a color you use often, like white, black, cream or even a red you love to use at Christmas, you may want to consider this route. We started using this paint when we opened BoardRoom46 and we were going through paint like crazy with our painting workshops. 

You will also get the HEX HTML code. This can be helpful if you find inspiration online and want to recreate with stencils. 

We have been working on this for a while now and are glad to finally be able to share it with you! 

There are TWO ways to purchase this:

1. The Physical File: So this is SUPER cool! The physical file comes in two sheets and is actually a vinyl sticker 🤯 Have we blown your hippie noodle yet? You can order one of these and put it in a binder OR put the sticker on your paint table, or in your craft room by your paint stash so you always know where it is! 

2. The Digital File: We have also made a digital download of this. This is going to be great for those times you are out and about. Maybe you see a color you like and get inspiration for a future project. Pull up your color guide and take note of the colors for future reference. Or maybe you have a different brand of paint you love. Use this to match colors with that brand while you're out shopping!

CLICK HERE to purchase the Paint Color Guide. 



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