How to Use 2 Stencils on 1 Sign

by Patricia Rawlinson on September 03, 2019
Peter Cottontail's Candy Company Stencil by StudioR12

I wanted to do something a little different this time. So I picked out my colors and said let's go one step further and give this bunny some chevrons.

I started by applying black as the basecoat, again something a little different. It's important to do multiple layers and paint in one direction. Let each layer dry before applying the next, you can speed the drying process up by using a hairdryer.

Once the base coats were dry, I laid the main stencil down and created our color palette. I then used a thin layer of white for the base coat of the stencil so that the colors would pop on the black background.  You can do this with a dome brush in a swirling motion. With tight spaces or lettering you can use the stippling technique. One layer of white then on to the colors.

Each color needed two to three layers. It is very important to build the color up rather than try to get it in one thick coat. Building the color up with thin coats will help to avoid bleeding under the stencil. Stippling works better when coating/building the color up.

Once the colors were built up (and dry) I moved on the the chevron bunny. Stippling the chevrons was a must. Once I had the chevrons lined up I held it secure and stippled the layers. I then moved and relined the chevron stencil so that it would line up with the lines above.

Time for the REVEAL! My favorite part!

A light sanding knocked off all the rough edges.

I then applied Deco Art Matte Varnish with a damp sponge to really make the colors pop! Using two stencils just gave it a little something extra. 

Stencils used:

  1. Peter Cottontail's Candy Company Stencil with Rabbit - STCL3414_1: - 12" x 12" (actual size 10.97" x 10.67")

  2. Small Chevrons - Pattern Stencil - STCL704_1 : 6" x 6"



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