How Painting Can Increase Your Property Value

by Kari Gibbs on April 20, 2023

While we were doing some inspiration research for painting address signs, we ran across some articles about how having an address sign in front of your home can increase the value of your property!

What a better time to spruce up your property than when spring is around the corner! 

Not only is a personalized address sign pleasing to the eye, it also has several other advantages including:

  • Promoting safety & helping first responders find you in case of emergency
  • Helps the delivery man find you for all of your Amazon orders 😉
  • Helps friends and family find you and provides direction for those driving through your neighborhood
  • Different states may have different laws about address signs. Check your local laws! 


Tips for painting these signs:

  • We have several designs for you to choose from. Find one that fits your style, home style and your address.

  • Always use polyurethane to finish your projects to protect them from the elements

There are several ways to hang these projects:

  • With screws into your siding or brick if you are looking for something permanent

  • You can also hang these on your front door and give you options to change the paint color with the season. That's a beautiful perk of having a reusable stencil!

  • If you don't want the sign on your house, you could also hang it on your front gate! 


Check out this video for tips on painting Address Signs! 



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