5 Ways to Fix Stencil Painting Mistakes

by Kari Gibbs on September 07, 2022

Regardless of how much of a pro you are at stenciling, you are bound to make mistakes. That includes us! And thankfully, because of that, we have been able to find some tricks for fixing the mistakes we've made and want to share them with you! 

Here are 5 Ways to Fix Stencil Painting Mistakes

1. Water - Keep a bottle of water on your painting station, as well as a sponge. If you make a terrible mistake and there's a goopy mess on your project and you think it's best just to start over, spray your board and use your sponge to wipe the paint right off.  

2. Time - Time is of the essence when you are painting. We strongly encourage peeking while you stencil. It's the quickest way to see if you've made mistakes and gives you time to fix them. If your paint cures - 5-10 minutes after you've painted - you will not be able to use water to fix your mistakes. You will also want to avoid blow drying until you've peeked. If you blow dry, that will also cure the paint and prevent you from using the water technique. 

3. Round Brush - This is a tool you can use with water or without. If you notice a mistake before curing, you can use a round brush, dip it in water, get off excess water, and clean up the mistakes. 

If your paint has already cured when you notice your mistakes, you can still use a round brush to fix them. Instead of using water, you can use the color of your stenciled design, or the color of the background to clean up the portion that bled under. 

4. Clic Eraser - This is also a tool that you'll use with water, so time is, again, of the essence. Our Clic Eraser is a PVC eraser. If you use it on your project dry, nothing will happen. If you dip it in water and get the eraser wet, you will be able to erase your painting mistakes. This is great for ghosting under, getting paint where it shouldn't be on your project.

5. Re-basecoating - So this is our last resort, but a reminder that it is always an option.

Here's a video showing these techniques! 



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