5 Ways to Fix Stencil Mistakes

by Kari Gibbs on December 12, 2023

Regardless if you are a new stenciler or a seasoned pro, chances are you're going to run into stencil mistakes. 

Maybe you get into the groove and stop paying attention.
Maybe you get in a hurry. 
And sometimes they just happen. 

But there ARE some ways to fix mistakes. 

1. Round brush - This is a great way to clean up your projects with paint after you finish.

2. Water - You can use water to fix mistakes BUT you have a time limit. You have to do this before the paint cures. You have just a few minutes. This is why it is so important to peek as you are painting.

3. Clic Eraser - This goes with #2 - The clic eraser doesn't work on projects unless you add water. But when you add water, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to fix mistakes.

4. Sanding - If you're going for a rustic or distressed look on your project, you can easily hide and fix mistakes with sandpaper. Sand through the parts you aren't happy with and give it a little extra distressing. 

5. Re-basecoat - This is the last option, but sometimes necessary. If you've made mistakes and tried 1-4 and still aren't happy, you may have to re-basecoat and start over. Give yourself a clean slate. Take note of what you didn't like from your previous painting and start fresh. We do recommend sanding down before re-basecoating. This will knock back any stenciling you have done in case you have a heavy hand and some ridges. 

Want to see us give examples of each of these techniques? 

Watch this video 👇🏻


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by Elizabeth on February 19, 2024

I hope you can save my project! I did everything wrong.


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