5 Ways to Apply Varnish

by Kari Gibbs on December 14, 2023

We get sooooo many questions about varnishing your projects. 

Here are some quick notes:
We prefer a polyurethane varnish for projects that are going to be outdoors. And we ALWAYS use matte varnish for outdoor projects. 

Here are 5 tools you can use to varnish:
1. Brush
2. Roller
3. Foam Brush
4. Wet Sponge
5. Spray Can 

You should ALWAYS sand before varnishing!

Looking for more details? In this video, Patty explains why you should sand and shows how to use each of the applicators listed above for varnishing.


by Debbie on February 19, 2024

question for Patty When do you apply the varnish first before you put the finish was on or after? I am working on a huge project and I don’t want to mess up. since I am to the end of the project. I need to get my project out the door and on it’s way to it’s final resting place.

by Carol Belongea on February 19, 2024

Great info on details

by Kellie Ventimiglia on February 19, 2024

Thank you for all these helpful tips. In this video I learned I can add minwax wax for an additional finish after my varnish is dry. I can’t wait to try it. Patty and StudioR12 give such resourceful and helpful information for creating wonderful finished projects.


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