3 Ways to Store Your Stencils

by Kari Gibbs on April 19, 2023

Let's talk about Stencil Storage! We get so many questions about this. Since you are purchasing reusable stencils, it doesn't take long for your piles to grow. And if you don't have a good storage system in place, you risk your stencils being in messy piles and getting bent and damaged. 

Here are 3 ways we store our stencils. 

1. J Hooks - This was one of the first stencil organization systems we put into place. These have adhesive on the back and you can put them right on your stencil, then hang them on a wire or rod. We use these on a wire for smaller stencils and on a rod on a taller shelving unit for porch stencils. 

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2. Wire Rod Hanging Set with Clips - We found these when we were remodeling our filming area. We like that it is aesthetically pleasing. You will want to be cautious of not hanging too many stencils on one clip. They can hold a couple, but if you put too many on, you'll end up with a mess on your floor. Ask us how we know.

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3. Planner Hole Punch and Disc Rings - If you have a place to store your stencils flat, this is our favorite option. This system was made for daily planners, but Patty had a brilliant idea to try it with stencils and we LOVE how it worked! We punch the stencils (only punch 1 at a time), add the discs and build a book. You can color code them and organize them by theme. We have books for Christmas (with red and white rings like a candy cane), background word stencils, pattern stencils, word stencils, and banding stencil sets.

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We have a couple of quick videos on these systems!

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