20 Ways to Use a Tea Towel Stripe Stencil

by Kari Gibbs on August 16, 2022

The Flour Sack Tea Towel Stripe remains one of the top design trends of 2022. After seeing it on display at vendor after vendor at the winter market in Atlanta, we've incorporated it into several of our designs, to help give you ideas on how to use it with your stencil projects and stay on trend.

This stencil comes with 6 different stripe designs. It is so versatile.

We do have a couple of tips on how to use this stencil before you get started. 

1. Don't be afraid to cut the stencil. It can be tough to paint when your stencil is laying over the edge of your surface. Cut the stencil in the white space between the stripe sections and give yourself just what you need to paint the design. We do also offer these pre-cut if you'd rather buy them that way.

2. Use Stick and Restick. Depending on what size stripe stencil you get, these lines can get LONG and sometimes wobbly. We would normally bridge long stripes like this, but for one, we left out the bridging, so you'll want to be extra cautious while painting them. Kari G. was using this stencil on a porch sign the other day and man, it was a struggle, trying to paint these straight lines without the Stick and Restick. We had someone grab us a bottle and it was a game changer for keeping those thin lines down. 

3. If your stencil is smaller than your surface, don't paint all the way to the edge. If you've seen our tutorials, you've likely seen Patty discuss this. Painting all the way to the edge can give you a harsh line. When you are using a straight line stencil and will be moving it, only paint 3/4 the way over, then move the stencil as you go to avoid those lines where the stencil ends. 

Are you ready to check out 20 ways to use this stencil? We dug through the photos (ours and our customers) and found 20 examples to give you a little inspiration on using this stencil!



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